The Committee is the local representative of the California Democratic Party determined by California Election Code and the California Democratic Party. We provide assistance at the county level to all national, state, and local Democratic candidates.


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Our August 22 General Meeting will include endorsements of candidates.  We meet at the Labor Temple, 840 E Street in Eureka at 6:00PM.



Statement by Humboldt Democrats' Chair Bob Service Condemning the Vandalism of Republican Headquarters in Eureka

The Humboldt County Democratic Party unequivocally condemns the vandalism carried out at Republican Headquarters in Eureka over the weekend of August 4-5, 2018.  Thankfully, no one was physically injured and, as reported in the Times Standard, property damage appears to be limited.  None the less, there can be no place in our community for such actions.  Democracy requires the free exchange of ideas.  Actions that constrain the expression of ideas undermine our democratic system.  Indeed, they play directly into the hands of those whose goal is to sow discord among the electorate, including, as has been exhaustively documented, the government of Russia, and, I am sorry to say, Mr. Trump himself.

Such actions are doubly unacceptable in light of the fact that the midterm election is only three months away.  It may sound trite but it is still true, “elections have consequences.”  Political change grows from the ballot box not the spray can.  People who are genuinely frustrated by the current state of affairs and wish to participate in making real change should contact the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee at 445-3366, the California Democratic Party at or become involved in local environmental or civil liberties organizations.
We stand together with our Republican fellow citizens.  This cowardly attempt to silence their voices is actually an attack on all of us, whatever our political beliefs.  As Justice William O. Douglas wrote, “The liberties of none are safe unless the liberties of all are protected.”



Just a reminder that the HCDCC is having their regular scheduled meeting on August 22nd starting at 6pm at the Labor Temple. This will be our endorsement meeting and the election filing deadline is August 15th so this will give candidates a chance to ask for the HCDCC endorsement. Should be rowdy meeting so please make time to be there!


From the Humboldt Progressive Democrats:

Press Release – for Immediate Release July 20, 2018

For more information please contact Hélène Rouvier, HPD Chair, AD- 02 Delegate, CDP Rules Committee member at

Humboldt Progressive Democrats Seek to Pull Delegate Credentials of Elected Democrats

As statewide and local frustration grows with Democratic representatives endorsing non- Democrat candidates, the Humboldt Progressive Democrats unanimously approved a credentials challenge recently sent to the California Democratic Party (CDP). Citing the violation of CDP bylaws prohibiting endorsement of non-Democrats, the letter was signed by Executive Board members Robert Shearer (AD-02), Cullen Tiernan (AD-18 and Veteran’s Caucus Chair), and Tania Bhatia (AD-61). The challenge reads in part:
“It has come to our attention that a number of DSCC members have violated Article II Section 9 Paragraph b of the California Democratic Party State Bylaws by actively supporting a candidate for partisan office in the top two primary who is registered as other than Party Preference Democrat.”
If sustained, the CDP would strip delegate status from US Congressman Jared Huffman, State Senator Mike McGuire, and State Assemblyman Jim Wood. As elected officials, all three are automatically DSCC members, and appoint additional delegates with voting privileges to the Party conventions and other meetings.
Despite repeated meetings and strong opposition from local labor and Democratic representatives, all three electeds publicly endorsed incumbent NPP Ryan Sundberg for Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor over Democratic Party challenger Steve Madrone. The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee also officially endorsed Madrone, as did a majority of the local labor unions, and the Yurok, Karuk, and Hoopa tribes.
The challenge clearly describes media coverage of Sundberg’s endorsement and outlines the impact on local electoral politics:
“The endorsement of Sundberg by Huffman, McGuire, and Wood has openly sabotaged the HCDCC and the Democratic local grassroots movement to elect a candidate who truly represents the best interests of the people and resources. This is not the first time that this has happened but we certainly think it should be the last time.
By their endorsement of a NPP candidate, who was a lifelong Republican before registering as NPP to run for Humboldt County supervisor, Huffman, McGuire, and Wood undermined the likelihood of an active Democrat being elected in an extremely important local race by exerting Party influence from well outside a county that any of them have ever lived. They have subverted the very same democratic process that they claim to uphold. Madrone is now hampered in his efforts to unseat an unpopular Humboldt County Supervisor who appears to show favor to those with deep pockets both in and out of the county, state, and country.
We ask that the CDP Credentials Committee take immediate action to remove these delegates in order to prevent them from unfairly intervening in the Democratic endorsement process. They have already made it clear that they support a non-Democrat for the office of 5th District Supervisor of Humboldt County.”
With a highly organized and effective campaign team, Steve Madrone did win by over 100 votes in the final tally. However, Humboldt was the exception. Democratic candidates lost key races in San Diego, Sacramento, and elsewhere to Republicans endorsed by incumbent Democrats. Delegates to this July’s CDP Executive Board meeting repeatedly raised the issue – including testimony at the Rules Committee and during the Progressive Caucus when Officer Liz Lavertu directed her comments to Party Chair Eric Bauman:
“Raise your hand if you had an elected Democrat in your area supporting a Republican in the primary.” [note: at least half the delegates raised hands]. “THIS is the problem with our party right now. If we are not holding our own elected officials to the same standards we are holding our delegates that’s a problem…and maybe we can get our chair to stand up and let’s pass some rules that hold our electeds accountable just like we are.”


Democrat of the Year!

We’re looking for nominations for our annual Democrat of the Year (DOTY)

Here are some of our guidelines to help you
make your nomination. You can submit as many nominations as you wish:

They must be a democrat registered in Humboldt County.
They must be an active member of the Democratic party for a substantial number of years.
They can be a respected democratic elected or appointed official recognized for outstanding service to the community.
They can be an outstanding leader of another organization or institution whose principles, policies, and activities are those supported by the Democratic party.
They can be well-known by the community.

We need to receive your nominations by August 10th
You can submit your Democrat of the Year choice by email to:
Democrat of the Year forms are also available at our office
at the Labor Temple at 840 E St., Eureka.

Please stop by to pick one up.


Congratulations Steve Madrone - it's official!  Steve Madrone elected 5th District Supervisor


****AS OF July 5, 2018 Our new Office is located in the LABOR TEMPLE 840 E Street Suite 4****


The Humboldt County Central Committee is in search of a new Headquarters location!  We have vacated our former location and are in search of a new rental space.  Please check this website frequently for information on our new location.

Our next General Meeting will be held on July 18, 2018 at the Labor Temple, 840 E Street in Eureka.  The meerting begins at 6:00PM.

If you need to get in touch, use the “Contact” tab to send an email. Thank you.


Thanks to our generous Sponsors and all who attended our 2018 Chicken by the Sea fundraiser. Thanks also to our auctioneers Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblymember Jim Wood and our auction donors, volunteers and to all who made this a festive occasion.

2018 Chicken by the Sea-Sponsors


NUHW Committee for Quality Patient Care & Union Democracy-Candidate PAC Building & Construction Trades Council of Humboldt & Del Norte Counties Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council

Bruce & Chris Will

Jim Wood for Assembly 2018


Mike McGuire for State Senate 2018


Christina J. Allbright, Attorney at Law
Betty & William Barton

Milt Boyd

Maggie Fleming

Lee & Chris House

Jared Huffman for Congress
Carol & Les Scher

Alex Stillman


Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
Diana Berliner

David Bitts & Felicia Oldfather

Ira Blatt & Debbe Hartridge

Jean Caldwell

Senator Wesley P. Chesbro & Cindy L. Chesbro
Donna B. & Jim Clark

Green Diamond Resource Co.

Phylis J. Geller

Mel & Holly Kreb, Flood Plain Produce
John B. Kulstad & Patricia A. Thomas
Donald C. & Andrea Tuttle

Phillip Watson, Esq.

Michael Winkler & Carol McNeill


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